2nd ERN PaedCan General Assembly

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We are pleased to announce that the second ERN PaedCan General Assembly will take place on 25 September in Brussels, Belgium.


Short summary of the previous ERN PaedCan meeting:

The objectives of the ERN Paedcan General Assembly (1-2 February 2018 in Brussels) were successfully achieved.  Participants achieved a clear understanding of the ERN PaedCan, gained knowledge of the general objectives and were actively encouraged to contribute.  The meeting enabled participants to benefit from additional understanding and the target to ensure that the paediatric oncology community acquires higher awareness of the ERN PaedCan network was reached.  Meeting delegates were also updated about the first year achievements.

More importantly, attendees were able to become acquainted with the CPMS system and were requesting access to the system through the project manager.

This General Assembly was attended by 3-4 members of the European Commission as well as the Director General for Health and Food Safety (Mr Xavier Prats-Monné) and more than 100 paediatric oncology stakeholders from all over Europe (more than 20 different countries).


We are also pleased to invite you to attend the following two events, which will also take place on 25 September 2018:

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