The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS)

Healthcare providers who are members of ERNs are connected through a dedicated IT platform and, using a variety of telemedicine tools, offer access to expertise and knowledge of multidisciplinary teams, enabling patients to receive the best advice for treatment and diagnosis. 

Consultation requests to ERNs are handled via the CPMS (Clinical Patient Management System).  

Provided by the European Commission DG SANTÉ, CPMS represents a secure web-based application to support the networks in bringing specialized expert advice to all patients in Europe in need of diagnosis and treatment of rare or low prevalence complex diseases or conditions. 

It allows virtual consultation through medical teams across national borders, ensuring that the needed expertise can travel to the patient, instead of the other way around. 

If you are a medical doctor in need of consultation, you should first create an EU login in order to achieve a CPMS account. Here is a short Registration Guide on how to perform the necessary steps and submit your request for activation. Once you have submitted your request, your account will be activated within 24h.  

To discuss a patient in CPMS, a consent form needs to be signed by the patient or the patient’s legal guardian. Please find the consent forms in all official languages of the European Union below: 

In case you have questions how to register and access the system, please refer to the User Guide or contact the ERN PaedCan CPMS Helpdesk at 

Expert Groups Pilot Phase 

In the first Pilot Phase, panel discussions for certain disease entities can be directed to predefined Expert Groups. They meet on a regular basis to discuss consultation requests coming in through ERN PaedCan. 

Since there are only limited slots available for each discussion round, please contact the appropriate group via the email addresses provided for pre-selection. 

To see how to enroll a patient and invite an expert group to the panel, please see the Enroll Patient Guide. 

Expert Groups in the Pilot Phase: 

The Brain Tumour Expert Group meets every week on Tuesday at 11.00 CET and has two slots of 20 minutes available to discuss CPMS cases. 

  • Becker Susanne 
  • Bison Brigitte 
  • Mynarek Martin 
  • Obrecht Denise 
  • Riechers Regine 
  • Rutkowski Stefan 
  • Yuan Mathias 


Please use this Guide and follow the workflow described within. For any uploaded DICOM imaging, please note the date of acquisition and number of contained images in Episode Description – Imaging findings.

Please fill out the case sheet and send it to in order to make sure all necessary information is available to the expert group. Please follow this check list to see what information is needed for a successful panel discussion. 

The Ewing Expert Groups meets every Friday at 12.30 CET and has two slots of 20 minutes available to discuss CPMS cases. 

  • Blankschän Martina 
  • Collaud Stephane 
  • Dirksen Uta 
  • Guder Wiebke 
  • Hardes Jendrik 
  • Jakob Kristina 
  • Kersting Josephine 
  • Lin Yi-Lan 
  • Löcken Andreas 
  • Merta Julien 
  • Nottrott Markus 
  • Plönes Till 
  • Stickan-Verfuerth Martina 
  • Streitbürger Arne 
  • Teng Julia 
  • Timmermann Beate 
  • Vieth Volker 
  • Wieser Diana 
  • Zöllner Stefan 

Please direct your consultation request to for evaluation before it can be addressed in CPMS. 

  • Bielack Stefan 
  • Blattmann Claudia  
  • Hecker-Nolting Stefanie 
  • Kager Leo 
  • Brecht Ines
  • Brugieres Laura
  • Orbach Daniel
  • Sarnacki Sabine
  • Schneider Dominik
  • Stachowicz Stencell Teresa
  • Synakiewicz Anna
  • Virgone Calogero
  • Monika Sparber-Sauer 
  • Ruth Ladenstein 


A novel Web Conferencing Support System for the clinical management of COVID-19 patients (COVID19-CMSS) will support all EU hospitals treating complex COVID-19 cases.

Based on the European Reference Network System, the system allows easy communication among clinicians across the EU and EEA and focuses exclusively on the support of clinicians in their daily practice. Hundreds of patients and healthcare professionals will benefit from the exchange of knowledge and clinical experience.

The COVID19-CMSS system consists of:

  1. A database of treating clinicians (the COVID19 Clinicians Network)
  2. A central helpdesk, who will organise and manage the operation of the system
  3. WebEx as communication tool
  4. A simple and easy procedure and protocol to set Web conferences and Webinars following the request of any of the Hospitals identified as reference centres across the EU.

Any healthcare professional involved in complex COVID-19 cases can access the Web Conferencing system and get the support of a dedicated Helpdesk.

Registering through the link below will provide you a detailed description of the system (factsheet) and a privacy statement in compliance with the GDPR.

Following your registration, you will get the data of all participants and operational aspects and instructions on the use of the system.

Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center for Childhood Cancer

We would like to share some information with you concerning a global registry for children with cancer with COVID-19 infection.

The initiative has been developed with the active involvement of Guillermo Luis Chantada under the leadership of Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo in association with the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP).

Please find details about accessing the registry below:

Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center for Childhood Cancer

The registry has been launched and we believe it is of great interest for ERN PaedCan members to register affected cases.


The Operational Helpdesk is financially supported by the European Union through Action number 2017-AT-IA-0069, Grant Agreement Nº INEA/CEF/ICT/A2017/1526072.

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