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A novel Web Conferencing Support System for the clinical management of COVID-19 patients (COVID19-CMSS) will support all EU hospitals treating complex COVID-19 cases.

Based on the European Reference Network System, the system allows easy communication among clinicians across the EU and EEA and focuses exclusively on the support of clinicians in their daily practice. Hundreds of patients and healthcare professionals will benefit from the exchange of knowledge and clinical experience.

The COVID19-CMSS system consists of:

  1. A database of treating clinicians (the COVID19 Clinicians Network)
  2. A central helpdesk, who will organise and manage the operation of the system
  3. WebEx as communication tool
  4. A simple and easy procedure and protocol to set Web conferences and Webinars following the request of any of the Hospitals identified as reference centres across the EU.

Any healthcare professional involved in complex COVID-19 cases can access the Web Conferencing system and get the support of a dedicated Helpdesk.

Registering through the link below will provide you a detailed description of the system (factsheet) and a privacy statement in compliance with the GDPR.

Following your registration, you will get the data of all participants and operational aspects and instructions on the use of the system.

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